How to Start a Fire in the Rain

The founder of Trackers Earth outdoors camps reveals tips for fool-proof flames when the storm clouds strike.

By Gino Cerruti August 1, 2013

Courtesy Tony Deis, founder of Trackers Earth outdoors camps

STEP 1: Find some cover.

STEP 2: Find a western hemlock or cedar tree. Those species’ inner bark remains especially dry during downpours.

STEP 3: Scrape off outer bark to reveal dry inner layers.

STEP 4: Scrape off inner bark. Form a pile with thicker pieces; clump thinner pieces together in a bundle. 

STEP 5: Using a match (you did pack matches, right?), light one end of the bundle.

STEP 6: Rotate and manipulate the bundle until each piece of wood within it ignites

STEP 7: Place the fiery bundle onto the bark pile. Paradise! (Deis urges you to practice all this before you head out.) 

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