In the August issue of Portland Monthly, Tripster readers will:

◊ Explore our guide to Oregon’s best state parks, from fantastic seashore cabins to a brand-new high desert escape.

◊ Pedal through 50 miles of horse pastures, pioneer cemeteries, and wetlands along Oregon’s newest scenic bikeway.

◊ Discover starfish, waterfalls, and pioneer cabins at Oregon’s best state parks for day trippers.

◊ Gear up with the best Portland stuff for your next camping adventure, from camp stools to camera coolers.

◊ Spice up your family vacations with swimming, sailing, fishing, and biking at Oregon’s best state parks for families.

◊ Whip up a mind-blowing campfire dinner featuring rockfish, red potatoes, kale, and Ninkasi Summer Ale in a tinfoil boat.

◊ Seek an adrenalin buzz on the trail less traveled with at Oregon’s best state parks for adventurers.

◊ Satisfy your campside caffeine cravings via two methods of fireside coffee brewing.

◊ Admire natural beauty with a low degree of difficulty at Oregon’s best state parks for lite excursions.

◊ Advance your camping skills by learning to light a fire in the ubiquitous Oregon rain.

◊ Shake up an ice-free mason jar cocktail well worth toting along with your camping gear.

◊ Award demerit badges to neighboring campsites for misdeeds ranging from “extreme glamping” to “feral children.”

◊ Brush up on your snakebite treatment training with this advice from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office medical team.

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