Trail Blazing in Salem

This month, The Oregon Trail comes to life in a live-action role play game in Salem

By Roxanne Davis September 13, 2013

Do you have fond memories of sitting in front of your computer playing The Oregon Trail, trying to hunt squirrels and bartering for more boxes of bullets with which to hunt more squirrels—at the expense of your food ration budget?

Then maybe you should register for Oregon Trail Live, a live-action version of the popular game that will be rolling into Salem on September 21 (presented by the Willamette Heritage Center and the Statesman Journal).

Assemble your party, build your wagon, and brush up on your Oregon Trail trivia as you complete tests of physical and mental stamina. Last year’s challenges included fording the “river” (simulated by roller derby girls brandishing pool noodles) and a three-legged dysentery race to the outhouse. 

Authentic period garb is encouraged but not required—but then again, if you’re already doing something this nerdy, why not go all in?

Registration is $30 per four-person team if you sign up in advance. Want to work up an authentic Oregon Trail sweat? Try the Grueling Pace Challenge for an extra $10. Find more information on the Oregon Trail Live website

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