Burgerville Takes Flight

On May 12, the beloved local chain cut the ribbon on its new eatery in Concourse D, offering its signature burgers, onion rings, and (soon) beer

By Maya Seaman May 14, 2014

The new PDX Burgerville on Concourse D

Orthodox airport-terminal retail often includes the following: a handful of cheap, undernourishing fast-food chains; an overpriced magazine shop; a high-end gadgets store hawking noise-canceling headphones and back massagers; and a Starbucks every twenty feet. Finding tasty, wholesome food during a long airport layover is a chimerical notion, and the limited selection forces the weary traveller to settle for a soggy burger made of questionable meat.

But not at the Portland International Airport. Strolling through the concourses is like taking a Portland “best of” tour: Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Rogue Brewing, Powell’s Books, Dragontree Massage, House Spirits Distillery and Petite Provence. And as for settling for subpar burgers, PDX says “no more!”

On May 12, Burgerville cut the ribbon on its new eatery in Concourse D, located post-security check. Burgerville is favored among Portlanders for its use of local, antibiotic-free beef, artisan cheese and fresh vegetables, making it a perfect addition to Concourse D’s mini Stumptown. The local chain is currently waiting approval on its OLCC application to serve microbrews and wines from with its 400-mile food shed. 

At this new location, they’ve removed the traditional counters separating customer from employee, and instead take orders on hand-held tablets directly from the patron in front of them. The goal is to provide a concierge-style service, catering to travelers’ need for kindness and efficiency during their mad-dash between destinations. Burgerville will also offer a new line of travel-friendly food called Burgerville Fresh, which will highlight artisan, seasonal ingredients in easy-to-carry packaging.

Open from 5am–12:15 am, PDX Burgerville will feature breakfast fare from Bob’s Red Mill and sandwiches with cage-free eggs and nitrate-free bacon. Lunch, dinner and late-night snack options will be served from Burgerville’s signature menu, including seasonal summer favorites like their strawberry milkshake and fresh lemonade.


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