Goonies Day is Almost Here!

Starting June 6, Astoria pulls out the stops to celebrate the '80s cult classic. Yes, it's a thing.

By Nicole Cordier May 15, 2014

Strap on your slick shoes, pack up your treasure map and get ready to celebrate this '80s cult classic movie with other fans. With rumors swirling about a Spielberg-directed sequel, this year is the perfect time to take a weekend trip to Astoria and relive the timeless adventure where it was filmed.

This summer's celebration—24 years since the movie originally hit theatres—features a themed treasure hunt, tours of the Goonies house and an attempt to break the record for most people truffle shuffling simultaneously. A truffle shuffle, in case you're not aware, involves lifting your shirt and letting your belly chub fly free, while wriggling around for maximum movement; a la Chunk, beloved Goonies character and notorious scaredy cat.

The Truffle Shuffle

For those of you who aren't quite ready to let it all hang out, Goonies Day also features opportunities to snap a photo in front of the characters now famous hangout, the Goonies house. Although this location draws tourists year-round, the private residence will open for tours Saturday (reservations required).

The celebration will also contain three quote-along showings of the movie at the Columbian Theatre. Costumes are highly encouraged, so start crafting your best Data attire complete with "booty traps" galore. If you empathize more with villainy than optimism, this is a perfect occasion to embrace your bad side dressed as a member of the Fratelli family.

Whether you're a true treasure seeker following One-Eyed Willy's hidden fortune, a doting older brother along for the ride, or a pessimistic "Mouth" that doesn't know when to quit, spend the first weekend in June celebrating this cult classic film. And remember...

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