Coast Camping at Second Beach

Head to Washington's wild Olympic Coast for some of the best oceanside accommodations in the Northwest.

By Benjamin Tepler July 29, 2014

Moonrise at Second Beach

Real beach camping, a few hundred feet from crashing waves, can be a challenge in Oregon. It’s illegal near state parks and many coastal cities, forcing overnight visitors into crowded campgrounds. But a few hours north from Portland, near the village of La Push, sits Second Beach, the ultimate coastal camping spot, complete with arching sea stacks, vibrant wildlife, and world-class sunsets.

Second Beach sits between First (too crowded) and Third (more of a hike) Beaches. Find the trailhead in the Quileute Indian Reservation, and trek .7 miles through towering spruce to find a mile of pristine coastline for camping and premier views of the Quillayute Needle sea stacks.

Good to Know:

Quillayute Needle sea stacks

- For exploring around the Olympic Coastline, it’s smart to carry a tide chart.

- First, Second, and Third Beaches can get crowded in the summertime. Plan your visit during a weekday, or enjoy crowd-less stretches of coast in spring and fall.

- Adventurous backpackers can hike 16 miles from Hoh River up to Third Beach

Travel time from Portland: 4 hrs 30 minutes

For camping permits and further information, visit the National Park Service website

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