Moonrise at Second Beach

Real beach camping, a few hundred feet from crashing waves, can be a challenge in Oregon. It’s illegal near state parks and many coastal cities, forcing overnight visitors into crowded campgrounds. But a few hours north from Portland, near the village of La Push, sits Second Beach, the ultimate coastal camping spot, complete with arching sea stacks, vibrant wildlife, and world-class sunsets.

Second Beach sits between First (too crowded) and Third (more of a hike) Beaches. Find the trailhead in the Quileute Indian Reservation, and trek .7 miles through towering spruce to find a mile of pristine coastline for camping and premier views of the Quillayute Needle sea stacks.

Good to Know:

Quillayute Needle sea stacks

- For exploring around the Olympic Coastline, it’s smart to carry a tide chart.

- First, Second, and Third Beaches can get crowded in the summertime. Plan your visit during a weekday, or enjoy crowd-less stretches of coast in spring and fall.

- Adventurous backpackers can hike 16 miles from Hoh River up to Third Beach

Travel time from Portland: 4 hrs 30 minutes

For camping permits and further information, visit the National Park Service website

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