You Can Call an Uber from the Airport Now

Rides from PDX to downtown will cost as low as $22.

By Marty Patail May 8, 2015

Starting May 8, you can eschew the airport MAX and take an Uber home instead. 

According to an Uber blog post, rides to downtown will cost as low as $22—not including a $2 airport surcharge for pickups or surge pricing during peak hours. Travellers can request a ride by simply bringing up the app after they land and dropping a pin at PDX. Uber drivers will wait at a designated area on Island 1. 

The new airport service comes on the heels of a controversial rollout of the app-based taxi service in Portland. Existing cab companies and key city commissioners have consistently and vocally argued against allowing Uber to operate with city limits, citing low demand, safety and insurance concerns, and unfair double standards. But on April 25, the city council voted to temporarily lift the Uber ban as it studies the effects of more cabs on the road and revisits the city's taxi regulations. 

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