Indoor Skydiving on Valentine's Day—Because Why Not?

This is the last V-Day deal we'll write about. Probably.

By Sarah Hopwood February 12, 2016

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Image: iFly

Maybe you fall into the camp of people that totally forgot V-Day was coming up (despite our many posts with ideas on gift-giving, trip-taking, and where to dine). Or maybe you’ve made the age-old mistake of arranging a first date on Valentine’s Day (despite Liz Lemon's traumatizing PSA on 30 Rock).

Fret not. You can still impress your cutie with a quick trip out to Tigard for a simulated sky-diving experience at iFly's Tigard facility. According to iFly's marketing team, the wind tunnel has inspired more than one person to propose mid-air. 

Haven't heard of indoor skydiving? Basically, you step into a giant wind tunnel that simulates the experience of free fall without requiring you to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. See our previous coverage of Tigard's new facility here.  

After you’re done flying around in the air tunnel, take some photos in the iFLY photo booth then hashtag them with #LoveIsInTheAir and you could win a “Spread Your Wings for Two” package to come back and do it all over again.

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