Forest Park: Largest Forested What?

Why Forest Park Is Better Than Whatever Your City Has

Here's proof.

By Marty Patail May 15, 2017 Published in the June 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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Many cities have urban parks. Plenty are surrounded by forests. But very few have both. Indeed, at more than 5,100 acres, Forest Park is the largest forested city park in the lower 48 states—intact and ecologically distinct, all within the city’s boundaries. How does it compare to some of the world’s larger civic green-spaces? We stacked three giants side by side.

Jefferson Memorial Forest

Louisville, Kentucky

Size 6,600 acres

Why Forest Park is better Within city limits, Jefferson might technically compete with Forest Park ... except its 15 miles from Louisville’s downtown core. What a trek.

Tijuca Forest

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Size 9,700 acres

Why Forest Park is better This tropical rain forest is allegedly the largest urban forest in the world. But watch your step for those Brazilian pit vipers.

Trinity River Park

Dallas, Texas

Size 10,000 acres

Why Forest Park is better In the not-too-distant future, Dallas will have the largest urban “man-made nature park” in the country, nearly 12 times the size of Central Park. Downside: you’re in Dallas.

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