From a secret Lord of the Rings passageway to hike-in luxury in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, these six brand-new lodging options—four still in the works—call from beyond Portland's city limits.

Some—the still-under-renovation Hood River Hotel, for example—are glossy new iterations of existing hotels. Others, like McMinnville's future high-end Atticus Hotel and McMenamin's Hawaiian-inspired McMenamin's in Kalama, join a local hospitality industry boom that's rippling across the state and region.

According to new data from Dean Runyon Associates, 2016's tourism figures in Oregon continued to break records. Last year, these travelers spent $11.3 billion overall in the state. And that money isn't just flowing to the Rose City. According to Dean Runyon, 2016's "overnight-person-trips"—28.4 million in total—were distributed across the state, with 8.3 million of those trips in greater Portland, 6.6 million in the Willamette Valley, 6.1 million at the Oregon Coast, and 1.2 million in the Gorge. These numbers all represent increases over 2015, and in overall room demand, the state improved by 3.2 percent. 

A thriving tourism industry is certainly good news for Oregon's economy. But as locals, we're also stoked for the off-season deals that could come with those new beds. February in wine country? Storm-watching on the coast? So ready!

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