Feeling Fernweh? Hop On a Direct Flight Out of Here

Condor Airlines is bumping up the return of its seasonal nonstop flights between Portland and Frankfurt.

By Julia Silverman February 18, 2020

The German have a fantastic word for the longing to travel that overtakes many Portlanders around these time of year, when the skies go grey and heavy with rain: Fernweh.

Literally translated, it means “far-sickness,” or the opposite of homesickness. Our closest equivalent is, perhaps, wanderlust (also derived from German, but who’s counting?).

Either way, if you’re jonesing to head out this year, the Frankfurt-based Condor Airlines just announced that its seasonal, direct service between Portland and that hub city is resuming a month before schedule on April 10. Frankfurt itself is a financial capital and somewhat soulless, but from there, you can easily bus, train, or drive to all manner of delightful European destinations.

Direct flights start April 10, and last about 10.5 hours; a quick search on the airline’s website shows flights starting at $650 round trip in economy class.

Other nonstop international destinations from Portland include Amsterdam, Toyko, and various ports of call in both Canada and Mexico.

Airport officials worldwide had been keeping a close and wary eye on Condor after the collapse of its parent company, Thomas Cook Airlines. But the airline was recently bought by Polish Aviation Group, which owns LOT Airlines, allowing Condor flights to remain aloft.

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