Biketown Rides Are Free This Weekend in Honor of Earth Day

Praise Gaia, ride a Nike bike.

By Conner Reed April 22, 2022

Image: BikeTown

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Listening to that Cher song about saving the elephants? Posting an Instagram carousel of the last several waterfalls you've been near? We have a better suggestion: spend it figuring out how to pronounce "BIKETOWN." 

The Nike-sponsored citywide bike share program, which launched an all-electric fleet with support from PBOT in 2020, is offering free hourlong rides all weekend in honor of the holiday. All you have to do is download the app, unlock a bike, keep your jaunt under 60 minutes, and you won't pay a cent. (Typically, rides run a $1 unlock fee, then an additional 20 cents/minute, plus a $1 penalty if you lock up outside of a designated hub.) 

While you sail up Mount Tabor—seriously, this e-bike business makes a difference—consider driving yourself slowly insane by thinking, Wait, is it ‘BIKETOWN’ like ‘Mike Town,’ or do you pronounce ‘Bike’ like ‘Nike’? 

Take in beautiful natural corners of the city you've never seen before, like maybe the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, while your eyes glaze over and you go, OK, it's probably the traditional pronunciation of ‘Bike,’ but did they at least have a meeting about this?

When you return home, you can queue up the astonishing music video below—produced by the folks at BIKETOWN themselves—which seems to answer the question definitively (though we have our doubts). Much more important, though, is the midpoint sax solo: 

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