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Ski and Snowboard Season Is Here Early on Mount Hood

If you’re jonesing to get some early season turns in, Timberline has you covered.

By Sam Stites November 9, 2022

UPDATE: Timberline announced over the weekend that weather has been unfavorable to conditions, and it is temporarily halting operations. The resort says skiers and snowboarders should continue to check back in as the weather looks promising heading into the coming week. 

Are you itching to get back on your skis? Have you felt empty since lifts stop spinning at the end of the last snowboard season? Can you absolutely not wait another couple weeks until resorts usually open? Then rejoice, friends, because Timberline Ski Area announced Wednesday the resort will open for the season this coming Friday, November 11. 

Before you get too excited, Timberline says it will be operating only two lifts: Pucci, just steps from the main lodge, and Bruno’s, the shorty that services the resort’s bunny hill right next to the parking lot. Timberline will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. as conditions allow, and lift tickets will cost just $87. 

Despite the limited capacity, it remains impressive that Timberline is even able to offer that considering moisture did not arrive in the Pacific Northwest until the latter part of October. Typically, Oregon’s resorts aim to begin operations by Thanksgiving weekend, and even that happens only in years where the stars align and snow falls early and often. 

Wednesday, December 21, is the official start of winter, but Mount Hood seems to be getting a jump on old man winter, boasting a nice new coat of snow. Timberline currently has a base depth of 39 inches at the lodge, at least 6 inches of that coming in the last 24 hours. 

The National Weather Service is forecasting some light dustings for Mount Hood over the next couple of days, but fairly dry the following week. Those wanting to get those early season turns in should be wary of exposed rock and patches of dirt where wind and tracks have removed the snow. We suggest not busting out those brand-new skis or snowboard just yet if you absolutely can’t help but scratch that itch.

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