15 Only-in-Portland Gifts

What do you get for the Oregonian with everything? Think outside of the perfectly wrapped box with these one-of-a-kind gifts straight out of Portlandia.

By Allison Jones and Cari Johnson November 15, 2013 Published in the December 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

1. PDX Softgoods: Handmade can koozies with quirky vintage designs—from unicorns to sock monkeys. Buy them by the six-pack for your next throwback theme party. Starting at $9.95. Find them here!

2. Green Grin: Fingerless mittens with leaves, skulls, eyes, or adorable cat faces on them. Yes, that's cat facesFind them here!

3. Felt + Linen Pirate Tofu Scramble: Fun for miniature vegans! This felted set comes complete with asparagus, mushroom, and tofu figures decked with eye patches. Starting at $42. Find them here!

4. Felted Soap: Small bars of natural coconut oil soap enveloped in a reusable layer of antibacterial and antifungal wool felt. Starting at $7. Find them here!

5. Perry Star Hair Accessories: Barrettes for every occasion, from dinosaurs to jelly fish. Find them at the Handmade NW holiday gift fair

6. Peri Ponchos: Leopard print poncho for children or small adults, lined with pink lace. Starting at $46. Find them here!

7. Tweet Toys: Wooden caravan wagons with driver and horse, to relive your glory days playing Oregon Trail—with a decidedly analog twist. Starting at $30. Find them here!

8. Infant Monster Jax Hats: Cotton hats (made from 100% recycled sweaters and t-shirts) for infants, with big teeth and ears. Starting at $27Find them here! 

9. Sparrow and Sundry Shadow Boxes: “The modern snowglobe.” Find them here! 

10. Mustache Cross Stitch Kit: All the materials needed to stich your own mustache-themed wall art. Find them here! 

11. Photosynthesis Snail shell Magnets: Delicate spirals showcase air plants grown in a backyard green house in McMinnville—what better way to remind yourself to slow down? Starting at $5. Find them at the Handmade NW holiday gift fair

12. MansFaceStudd Gin & Tonic Scented Moustache Wax: If the man in your life decides to keep growing his 'stache after Movember ends, help him keep it tidy and booze-scented. Starting at $9. Find it here!

13. ModRadio: Prepare for the Big One with this “Earthquake globe”—a globe with a built-in radio. Starting at $475. Seriously. Find them here! 

14. Felt clock: "Felted clocks smarten up any room. These are purely sculptural; they don't actually tell the time. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day." Starting at Find them here!

15. Unicorn Parts Stainless Steel Flask: For the hard-to-shop-for magical, alcoholic butcher. Starting at $29Find it here!

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