Where in Portland do you live?
Downtown 5.5%
SW (not Downtown) 13.1%
NW (not Downtown) 7.7%
SE 25.0%
NE 21.5%
N 9.3%
Suburbs 17.9%
Now is a good time to buy a home in Portland.
True 73.1%
False 26.9%
Now is a good time to sell a home in Portland.
True 83.5%
False 16.5%
Renting is cheaper than buying.
True 30.4%
False 69.6%
Portland’s rental market is...
super cheap! I can continue to be a funemployed musician/barista. 1.2%
affordable, if you count the 6 housemates I share a bathroom with. 15.8%
just about normal for a city this size. 61.1%
exorbitant. 22.0%
What's the most important factor in choosing a neighborhood to live in?
Schools 12.0%
Access to restaurants and shops 21.9%
Ease of commute 19.1%
Price 7.5%
Low crime 9.9%
Walkability 29.6%
If I could afford it, I'd buy a house in...
Ladd's Addition 36.9%
The Pearl District 19.0%
Eastmoreland 14.4%
Lake Oswego 7.0%
The West Hills 22.8%
Alameda 8.0%
Irvington 14.0%
Laurelhurst 13.0%
I would never buy a house in...
Downtown 17.9%
North Portland 13.8%
The Suburbs 60.7%
The Numbers 7.6%
Portland's most unsafe neighborhood is...
Gresham 12.0%
Lents 12.0%
NoPo 12.0%
Rockwood 6.0%
My most recent real estate agent was...
a godsend 21.0%
a decent, hard-working professional 56.1%
nice, but totally clueless 16.3%
a hustler in all but name 6.6%
To preserve the urban growth boundary, in my neighborhood, I'd accept:
More duplexes 41.3%
More 4 and 5-story apartment buildings 28.5%
A high-rise or two 12.6%
None of the above. Expand the sucker! 17.5%
The new high-rise buildings springing up make me feel...
Urban and sophisticated 52.3%
Claustrophobic 33.2%
Ready to leave Portland 7.4%
Excited for additional base-jumping opportunities 7.1%
As Portland builds higher, I am most worried about losing...
Easy street parking 26.6%
The tree-lined neighborhood feel 32.6%
Views of Mt. Hood 7.7%
Historical buildings 19.2%
Parks and open spaces 13.9%
Apartments and condos without dedicated parking are...
A good way to promote a car-free lifestyle. 17.5%
A necessary evil—bring on the density! 12.2%
A completely irresponsible approach to development. 70.4%
Which direction is it easier to trek across town?
East-West 62.5%
North-South 37.5%
Vancouver, WA is a suburb of Portland.
True 56.6%
False 43.4%
I know where the Jade District is.
True 16.9%
False 83.1%
Where do your loyalties lie?
East side! 52.6%
West side! 22.7%
Meh. 24.6%
I blame the TV show Portlandia for Portland's current population growth.
True 14.0%
False 86.0%
Portland's next "hot" neighborhood will be...
St. Johns 9%
Foster-Powell 6%
Woodstock 5%
Hawthorne is still for the hippies.
True 46.4%
False 53.6%
Portland is full of examples of great architecture.
True 71.4%
False 28.6%
The best food neighborhood?
Division 63.7%
Williams 18.1%
Pearl 16.3%
Beaverton 1.9%

*Due to rounding, percents may not add up to 100 in all cases.

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