Vox Populi: Portland Real Estate

We asked 1,450 of our readers about the state of real estate. Here's what we discovered.

Edited by Marty Patail March 15, 2014

Where in Portland do you live?
Downtown 5.5%
SW (not Downtown) 13.1%
NW (not Downtown) 7.7%
SE 25.0%
NE 21.5%
N 9.3%
Suburbs 17.9%
Now is a good time to buy a home in Portland.
True 73.1%
False 26.9%
Now is a good time to sell a home in Portland.
True 83.5%
False 16.5%
Renting is cheaper than buying.
True 30.4%
False 69.6%
Portland’s rental market is...
super cheap! I can continue to be a funemployed musician/barista. 1.2%
affordable, if you count the 6 housemates I share a bathroom with. 15.8%
just about normal for a city this size. 61.1%
exorbitant. 22.0%
What's the most important factor in choosing a neighborhood to live in?
Schools 12.0%
Access to restaurants and shops 21.9%
Ease of commute 19.1%
Price 7.5%
Low crime 9.9%
Walkability 29.6%
If I could afford it, I'd buy a house in...
Ladd's Addition 36.9%
The Pearl District 19.0%
Eastmoreland 14.4%
Lake Oswego 7.0%
The West Hills 22.8%
Alameda 8.0%
Irvington 14.0%
Laurelhurst 13.0%
I would never buy a house in...
Downtown 17.9%
North Portland 13.8%
The Suburbs 60.7%
The Numbers 7.6%
Portland's most unsafe neighborhood is...
Gresham 12.0%
Lents 12.0%
NoPo 12.0%
Rockwood 6.0%
My most recent real estate agent was...
a godsend 21.0%
a decent, hard-working professional 56.1%
nice, but totally clueless 16.3%
a hustler in all but name 6.6%
To preserve the urban growth boundary, in my neighborhood, I'd accept:
More duplexes 41.3%
More 4 and 5-story apartment buildings 28.5%
A high-rise or two 12.6%
None of the above. Expand the sucker! 17.5%
The new high-rise buildings springing up make me feel...
Urban and sophisticated 52.3%
Claustrophobic 33.2%
Ready to leave Portland 7.4%
Excited for additional base-jumping opportunities 7.1%
As Portland builds higher, I am most worried about losing...
Easy street parking 26.6%
The tree-lined neighborhood feel 32.6%
Views of Mt. Hood 7.7%
Historical buildings 19.2%
Parks and open spaces 13.9%
Apartments and condos without dedicated parking are...
A good way to promote a car-free lifestyle. 17.5%
A necessary evil—bring on the density! 12.2%
A completely irresponsible approach to development. 70.4%
Which direction is it easier to trek across town?
East-West 62.5%
North-South 37.5%
Vancouver, WA is a suburb of Portland.
True 56.6%
False 43.4%
I know where the Jade District is.
True 16.9%
False 83.1%
Where do your loyalties lie?
East side! 52.6%
West side! 22.7%
Meh. 24.6%
I blame the TV show Portlandia for Portland's current population growth.
True 14.0%
False 86.0%
Portland's next "hot" neighborhood will be...
St. Johns 9%
Foster-Powell 6%
Woodstock 5%
Hawthorne is still for the hippies.
True 46.4%
False 53.6%
Portland is full of examples of great architecture.
True 71.4%
False 28.6%
The best food neighborhood?
Division 63.7%
Williams 18.1%
Pearl 16.3%
Beaverton 1.9%

*Due to rounding, percents may not add up to 100 in all cases.

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