Vox Populi: The Big One

We asked our readers to share their feelings about a catastrophic earthquake in Cascadia. Here's what we discovered.

June 13, 2014 Published in the July 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

A catastrophic earthquake will hit Portland in the next 10 years.
TRUE 41%
On scale of 1 to 5, how afraid are you of a catastrophic earthquake hitting Portland?
3 34%
2 24%
4 17%
1 (Meh.) 17%
5 (Terrified!) 7%
On scale of 1 to 5, how prepared are you for a catastrophic earthquake?
2 34%
3 33%
1 (If it hits, I’m toast.) 21%
4 10%
5 (Prepper 4 Lyfe!) 2%
Which natural disaster are you most afraid of?
Epidemic 51%
The Big One (earthquake) 40%
Yellowstone’s Supervolcano 6%
Asteroid Collision 4%
You trust Portland’s government to keep you safe after an earthquake.
TRUE 29%
You don’t need to worry about an earthquake because your building/home is earthquake proof.
TRUE 10%
The elected leader you most trust to guide us through the catastrophe is...
John Kitzhaber 50%
Barack Obama 28%
Charlie Hales 11%
Steve Novick 11%
In the event of an earthquake you would be most concerned about...
Your family 69%
Your life 16%
Your pet 9%
Your home 6%
You own an emergency preparedness kit.
TRUE 36%
You are prepared to live without heating in the dead of winter.
TRUE 53%
You know how to hunt.
TRUE 22%
You own a gun.
TRUE 22%
After a catastrophic earthquake, guns will be…
Occasionally useful for fending off thieves. 62%
Absolutely necessary for survival. 23%
Outlawed in the post-apocalyptic utopia. 15%
You have enough drinking water in your home to last about…
three days 43%
one day 25%
14 days 18%
An hour or so. If that. 14%
The best Portland neighborhood to scavenge post earthquake will be...
Pearl District 37%
Eastmoreland 19%
Alameda 18%
Other Option 16%
Dunthorpe 11%
Choose the Walking Dead character that most resembles your post-apocalyptic identity:
Michonne (bad-ass, mysterious, pet lover) 48%
Glenn (follower, quiet, horny) 22%
Rick (leader, righteous, whiny) 15%
Daryl (hunter, survivor, redneck) 14%
The Governor (killer, egoist, eye patch) 2%
Which Portland creatives will be the least useful in our post-earthquake ruins?
The graphic designers 70%
The picklers 10%
The musicians 10%
The coffee roasters 9%
The one food item in your kit you’re hoarding for yourself?
Jerky (or hard sausage) from Olympic Provisions 44%
A growler of your favorite beer (that’s OK, I’ll drink it warm) 34%
Jacobsen salt, because it must go on everything 13%
Nong’s Kao Man Gai sauce 6%
A jar of Foitella, the foie gras-chocolate spread from Xocolatl de David 4%
So it’s post-quake, and you’re dead. (Sorry!) What got you?
I was crushed/buried. 53%
Oh, you know, fire/flood/fall. 32%
A police officer, who assumed I was looting. 9%
A neighbor, defending her stash. 6%
Likelihood of leaving the NW after taking this survey?
You can pry my house keys from my cold, dead fingers. 79%
Maybe, if I can work up the energy. 18%
Absolutely, screw this place. 4%
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