Food Competition

Portland Pie-Off

Local bakers test their crusts

August 26, 2009


On Sunday August 16 some 300 pie-loving Portlanders’ made their way to historic Peninsula Park in NE Portland for the second annual "Portland Pie-Off". Hosted by the Portland Pie Commission (i.e., three pie-obsessed pals), this contest was a testament to the power of community owned, organized, and executed events. And undoubtedly the best part about the whole sugary shindig? People, ahem, like myself … with absolutely no pie-making talents, still got to take part in the massive consumption of the 72 pies that were entered.

So, whether they came to win, watch, or simply snag a slab of lemon meringue, the turnout was incredible and there were twice as many pies entered as last year. Seems as though there will be many more pie-offs in our future, or at the very least, in my future. Check out our web-exclusive slideshow for some drool-worthy shots of the top pies in each category. Keri Miller

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