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Music Videos: Thao + Mirah | Reggie Watts | Kasey Anderson

By Anne Adams May 2, 2011

Over the weekend, Northwest-based Reggie Watts made Vimeo Picks with this display of his virtuosic one-man-band stylings. As we face the week, Bretheren, let us all take inspiration from Watts’ coordination and wherewithal.

But maybe the coffee has yet to kick in, and the current cloud-cover (or your week’s to-do list) is putting you in the mood for drearier fare. Enter local long-timer Kasey Anderson. The following video combines Anderson’s single, The Wrong Light, with drawings by Portland illustrator Keith Carter. It’s probably no accident that a song that growls, “…Go down…. Let the wrong light in,” is paired with an endlessly left-panning panorama, likely referencing the classic western lore which equates the “left path” with rebellion and depravity. Rarrrr.

Indie-folk rocker Thao Nguyen (of “Get Down Stay Down” fame) and PDX-pat Mirah (who, like Cher, only needs one name) will be at the Wonder Ballroom on Mothers’ Day, celebrating their latest Kill Rock Stars collaboration. Preview their efforts here via video.

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