Grimm Tidings

Looks like it's a Nick vs Renard throwdown when NBC's Portland-based fantasy drama returns March 8.

By John Chandler January 17, 2013

It feels like it's been a long, cold, lonely winter, perhaps due in part to the absence of our friends on Grimm, who took a smoke break for the holidays and won't be back on the air till March 8 (that is, if they haven't gruesomely died). And of course they would have to bring everything to a halt right when Nick (David Guintoli) finally figures out that his beloved Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is playing tonsel hockey with Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz)! Prediction: The fur is going to fly and foot will meet ass.  

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of coming attractions. Only seven more weeks!


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