Video: Wooden Indian Burial Ground 'Helicopter'

We profiled 'em back in October and now they're (officially) one of Portland's best new bands. And we've got their latest video, certified freaky and fresh.

Videography by John Chandler May 7, 2013

If your longterm memory is intact, you may recall that we sang the praises of Wooden Indian Burial Ground last October, after they garnered some favorable ink in the New York Times and on NPR. Last week, they finished a very respectable fourth in Willamette Week's Best New Band poll, so we'd like to offer the band a bit of hearty belated congratulations. Tonight they play a show at The Know to kickoff a seven-week cross-country tour that takes them all the way to the other Portland (Maine) and back for another hometown show at Star Theater June 29.

Here's the latest video from Wooden Indian Burial Ground, a lengthy freakout fresh from the psychedelic sweat lodge called "Helicopter." Apparently, it has something to do with horses. Or lava lamps. Wait, maybe it doesn't. We suggest you bust out the Ouija Board and consult the ghost of Federico Fellini. 



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