TBA's Critical Mascara Drag Ball Slide Show

TBA's Critical Mascara detonated in an explosion of outrageous outfits, full-body makeup, crowd surfing, fake blood, and glitter.

By Aaron Scott September 18, 2014

TBA has a new crown jewel, and, girl, does she glisten and sparkle. Returning for a second year, the Critical Mascara Post-Realness Drag Ball proved she has the staying power to be an over-the-top annual event of outrageous outfits, long legs, glitter, full-body clown makeup, crowd surfing, fake blood, and mad vogue skillz. In other words, a show that will steal the fest every time.

The Works spilled out into the street to accommodate the screaming crowd, some of whom were literally climbing the walls and neighboring trees to get a better view. While the night went long at three hours, the energy held and finally rose up in an ocean of fervor for the final battle where full beers were poured over shining flesh and condoms were pulled from nether regions and thrown at the audience.

The highlight, though, goes to host Kaj-anne Pepper, who crowd surfed to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” with a bouquet of giant wrecking ball–size balloons, which he popped, showering us in glitter and confetti. See the video below.

Our only complaint: bigger isn’t always better. Three hours is a long time to stand in heels or flats. Hopefully next year they’ll scale back on the categories and contestants so that folks still have energy for a dance party.


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