Get Your Glitter On with These Portland Burlesque Dancers

Portland’s bad-ass burlesque community is headed for the big screen in Glitter Tribe, a new documentary from Jon Manning. Take a look at this trailer to see how.

By Regina Winkle-Bryan August 17, 2016

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Burlesque as we know it may have been born in 19th-century Europe, but 21st-century Portland has made it its own, as a new documentary is set to make clear. Last week, the new trailer for the documentary Glitter Tribe dropped, showcasing the exotic world of new-wave burlesque, as exemplified by some kick-ass Portland artists.  

The freshly released trailer offers a peek at local dancers such as Isaiah Esquire (see him in our feature on TBA's Critical Mascara) performing in bejeweled costumes, but also offstage, opening up about his personal life and what brought him to burlesque. He’s one of 11 artists profiled in the film, among them fellow Portlanders Angelique Devil, Sandra Dore, and Ivizia Dakini. We see them at their day jobs and then tag along as they transform into divas and take the stage for steamy acts heavy on the tease factor. They're funny, they're creative, and they're seriously spicy: like, literally (witness Portlander Babs Jamboree strip off the tinfoil and tortilla layers of her burrito costume to reveal herself as a jalapeño).

Portland/LA-based filmmaker Jon Manning spent six years creating Glitter Tribe (with the help of Portland writers and producers Julie Livingston and Miriam Garcia), which is slated for a 2017 release. Until then, get your sexy sparkle fix at any of the many burlesque shows around town, and see the full trailer here.

Trailer V2_H264_051016 from Brightwater Media on Vimeo.

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