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Leen Zine #5 author Eileen Chavez also designed the symposium's newest logo art.

Since 2000, the Portland Zine Symposium has celebrated the DIY culture of zine-making, gathering thousands of artists, writers, and readers for a weekend of workshops, exhibitions, and panels. But after marking its 15th anniversary in 2015, organizers brought on a new, young team of organizers to usher in a modern era. The result? This July, for the first time, people of color and those who are trans or nonbinary will dominate the two-and-a-half day exhibition. Among more than 100 zines on display, here are three to peruse.

Leen Zine #5

Eileen Chavez is a queer nonbinary Latinx whose series offers “winding narratives and themes,” meditations on any given moment. Chavez also designed the symposium’s newest logo art.

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Con Las Dos Manos (With Both Hands)

Self-taught Chicana-Latinx artist Emilly Giselle Prado, whose work has appeared in numerous local publications, often focuses on “stories of marginalized communities in music, culture, activism and art.”

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Stresses and Dresses: Tiny Moments While Transitioning

A queer nonbinary Asian Pacific Island-Filipinx artist, Marty Guerrero uses digitized, gaming-style animation as a lens to discuss intensely personal subjects.

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