Nicolas Cage Is Looking for His Pig in Portland

Plus, Netflix’s Trinkets casts its second season.

By Conner Reed October 2, 2019

Pig vigilante Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage is in town shooting a movie called Pig, which is about a man who is looking for his pig. I’m going to say more, but please understand how much I would like to leave it at that.

Cage was spotted at Le Pigeon a couple weeks ago, which prompted a flurry of online speculation, including plenty at Portland Monthly’s own offices. After a fair bit of sleuthing, one contributor managed to locate Cage on set—wild-haired and covered in dirt, blood, or both—hobbling down a Southeast neighborhood sidewalk.

Pig (which, again, is the name of the movie) stars Cage as a forager who loses his beloved boar and rips through Portland’s under(pork)belly to recover her. The only other confirmed star, it seems, is Alex Wolff, who most memorably slammed his face into a table last summer in Hereditary. IMDb predicts a 2020 release date.

In the pantheon of pork cinema, Pig sounds a little more Okja than Charlotte’s Web, but consider me shocked if it hits the gritty highs of George Miller’s Babe: Pig in the City

One thing’s for sure: Portland’s got a busy shooting schedule this fall. Pig joins Netflix properties Sorta Like a Rock Star and Trinkets, both of which are actively looking for extras (Trinkets hopefuls over 18 can head here, and under-18s can head here). No word on Pig’s extra search yet, but a word of advice when details emerge: ham it up at the casting call. 

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