Absolute Alfresco

Patio season is upon us. We offer a close look at one of our favorite outdoor spaces, plus five other excellent options for lounging

By Rachel Ritchie June 10, 2010 Published in the July 2010 issue of Portland Monthly

The Quintessential Patio. Designed and built by owner Chris Broderick, the casual, convivial patio at this refurbished bungalow provides a blueprint for creating an appealing, stop-and-stay-awhile outdoor space.

1. Set the Mood When it comes to that elusive magic of evening ambiance, lighting is essential. The key is to provide multiple sources of soft light at varied heights. Broderick strategically framed the back patio with ground-level garden lanterns while tiki torches, hanging candles, and a gas fire pit send flickering light dancing across the seating area.

2. Vary the Chairs Whatever your mood, Naranja has a seat for you: the front patio is prime turf for absorbing the
street scene, while picnic tables on the side walkway provide a more intimate space. Groups gather around the fireplace out back, but if you’re flying solo, you can do it comfortably—gimlet in hand—in one of the hammocks.

3. Dress It Up If you get tired of gazing at your date, Casa Naranja’s stone fountains, sculptures, and border plants give you something else to ogle—while you take notes for your own backyard renovation.

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