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A taste of Italy in your kitchen, and your friends’ kitchens too!

By Michelle Morico December 2, 2010


Jim Dixon, author of the blog Real Good Food, is importing olive oil from Italy and wants us all to enjoy it! No, really. But, what’s in it for him?

To put it simply, Dixon loves Italian extra-virgin olive oil. So, he did his due diligence and found a way to keep his supply plentiful without having to trek to Italy multiple times a year. He created the Olive Oil CSA (community-supported agriculture) last February to import olive oil in bulk for his 70+ existing customers. This year, he is opening up the opportunity to buy shares to the whole community. The CSA allows customers to purchase $100 shares which are then redeemed for $120 worth of oil, or any other product Dixon sells, like salt, vinegar, olives, beans, etc. Once Dixon has the funds (between $7,000-$10,000 depending on the amount of oil purchased), he contacts his small producers in Italy. The olive oil is then shipped and expected to arrive around March.

When Dixon and his wife first traveled to Italy, they delighted in the opportunity to experience authentic Italian olive oil and they tasted the difference it made in the flavors of Italian food. Growing accustomed to such a luxury, they decided there was no reason for Dixon not to import Italian olive oil. (Smart thinking.)

To order or to get more information, email Jim Dixon at [email protected]. Dixon also sells olive oil at his "warehouse" in Activspace located at 833 SE Main St. on Mondays, but recommends emailing him before heading over.

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