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Image: Thomas Cobb

Predator & Prey

Enjoy weekly dinners at this peaceable kingdom with rotating prix fixe menus based on a food-chain theme. (No substitutions, please.)

Signature Dish – “The Circle of Life”

A recent trip revealed a whimsical, eat-then-be-eaten procession of garden greens, roasted hare, and wild boar.

Frog toad illo lbz4or

Image: Thomas Cobb

Frog & Toad

The semiaquatic proprietors of this elegant French bistro offer a deeply nourishing selection of wild-foraged, low-impact raw foods.

Signature Dish – “Up the Creek”

A small plate sampler of the day’s catch: locally sourced crickets, flies, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and roaches. Bon appetite! 

Skull drink illo wfwapq

Image: Thomas Cobb

Skull & Bones

Nose-to-tail diners, rejoice! This avant-garde eatery serves up real-marrow smoothies and ribs without all that messy meat on them.

Signature Dish – “The Brain Teaser”

Whether served au jus or blended into a luscious soup, the weekly gray matter special always comes in its original container. Ten percent discount for Yale alumni and self-identifying pirates.  

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