San Diego Magazine Loves PDX

Portland's food and beer scenes get more in-print affection, this time from a rather unlikely source: San Diego Magazine.

By Allison Jones September 24, 2012

PDX eat- and drink-eries earned props from down south via a Welcome to Portlandia spread in the October issue of San Diego Magazine. According to the article, "now’s the time to see, sip, and taste what all the fuss is about. It’s cold, but there’s a fried chicken, bacon, and cheese-stacked biscuit to cure the chills."

In addition to the biscuits (from Pine State, natch), the piece also tips its trucker hat to the usual suspects: Portland Farmers Market's "artisanal everything", Pok Pok's wings, Screen Door's chicken and waffles, Bunk Bar's live musical selections, the pie at Apizza Scholls, Voodoo's pink boxes, and food carts "serving everything under the sun (even if it’s blotted out by Portland gray)". Downtown's posh The Nines hotel (along with resident eateries Departure and Urban Farmer) is deemed the most SD-friendly place to stay. 

On the liquid side of things, expect to see more San Diegans at Cascade Brewing, Hair of the Dog, Upright Brewing, Burnside Brewing Company, the Horse Brass, Apex, and Bailey’s Taproom.

A cautionary tale: Included in the article is Portland's average October temperature (64° high and 44° low, according to some unnamed source) which will probably scare off enough of the beach dwellers until next summer.

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