Inside SE Hawthorne's Tabor Bread, Now Open

Peek inside Tissa Stein's new neighborhood bakery, offering ten kinds of wood-fired breads made from locally-grown whole grains, milled in house.

By Allison Jones November 27, 2012

Tissa Stein's neighborhood bakery Tabor Bread is the first retail bakery in Portland to mill its own flour and bake all its bread in a wood-fired oven, and its cozy charm is set to cater to the crumb-and-crust needs of Southeast Portland.

The new bakery sits in a former medical building near Albina Press and the Sapphire Hotel, extending Hawthorne's business strip one block to the east, and offers ten varieties of whole grain loaves, breakfast pastries (like weekend-only sticky buns), coffee service, and light breakfast dishes.

Check out the photos in the slideshow above for more details about the menu, mill, and upcoming lunch service.

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