Cozy Winter Cocktails

This month's sipping list

By Rachel Ritchie December 11, 2012

What: Coming Attractions 

Where: Beaker & Flask

Why: Winter calls for something sparkling—preferably served in a flute, with a touch of spice. B&F injected this spirit-boosting formula with the deep, earthy sweetness of pinot noir grenadine, crafted in-house from Apolloni Vineyards grape juice. Anise and herbal notes from Bonal and Herbsaint play off the fruit, while a float of French sparkling cider makes the Coming Attractions worth watching.  

0113 jet pilot cocktail bilmtk

What: Jet Pilot

Where: Hale Pele

Why: As our collective yearning for warmer climes mounts, a cocktail at this new tiki refuge offers an antidote. A blue lagoon, flickering torches, tiki totems, and puffer fish light fixtures transport you to the South Seas, aided by the Jet Pilot’s balanced blend of aged rums, cinnamon, and Falernum (a mix of ginger, clove, lime, almond, and overproof rum). Still not having fun? The flaming crouton should do the trick. 

What: Tom & Jerry

Where: Teardrop Lounge

Why: Who cares that the holiday season is officially over? The combination of rum, cognac, eggs, sugar, and spices is delicious any time of year—why limit it to the season when we’re too stressed out to actually enjoy it? Teardrop Lounge continues its meticulous, time-intensive preparation of the classic Tom & Jerry, a piping-hot mug of belly-warming cheer, through January.  

0113 barrel aged negroni cocktail l3sqfj

What: Barrel-Aged Negroni 

Where: Clyde Common

Why: The best (read: only) way to drink gin in January? A negroni. The best way to drink a negroni in Portland? At Clyde Common, where the enterprising Jeffrey Morgenthaler ages a classic combination of Beefeater gin, Cinzano sweet vermouth, and Campari for two months in Tuthilltown whiskey barrels before delivering it to your barstool, garnished with an orange peel.

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