PDX Food in the News: New Year's Edition

Bon Appétit rings in the new year with a few choice Portland picks, putting the spotlight on Fernet and a now-shuttered food cart.

By Allison Jones December 27, 2012

Here on Eat Beat, we love tooting our town’s horn when it comes to national press and awards, and this month is no exception.

After a few months off the major food mag's radar, Bon Appétit's January "Cooking School" issue is packed with renewed PDX love. 

First up, the now-shuttered pioneering North Mississippi food cart Moxie Rx is resurrected in the form of a recipe for Moxie's Cold Cure-All, spiked with ginger, echinacea, and cayenne.

Portland also attracts attention in the BA 25 list of what to eat, drink, and cook in 2013 with a choice quote from Clyde Common barman Jeffrey Morganthaler on the go-to bartender sip, Fernet-Branca: "It's weird, it's black and bitter, it's minty and strange, and, quite frankly, it tastes like burning. The Italian digestivo Fernet-Branca is the after-work shot of choice among those who make drinks. We also apply it to our cocktails to lend an astringency or roundness."

Former Portland wunderkind Matt Lightner also nabs a spot on the BA 25 for giving the bread course its due at his lauded New York eatery. His sourdough bread fried in pork fat and served with house-made butter is touted as the hottest thing since sliced bread. Read the full list of upcoming food trends here

As part of the issue's Cooking School cover story, Ken Forkish (of Portland's Ken's Artisan Bakery and Ken's Artisan Pizza) shares his favorite kitchen gadget: the digital scale. According to Forkish, "Course versus fine salt at equivalent weight will produce equivalent results, but not if measured by volume." Plus, you can make that scale work double duty by weighing out your locally-roasted coffee beans for your morning brew. This is Portland, after all. 

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