Afternoon Tea at Medley

Offering traditional tea service with a homey touch of kitsch, this Multnomah Village spot is a neighborhood charmer worth a visit.

By Allison Jones February 15, 2013

Ready for a radical shift from your typical happy hour? Wind down with high tea at Medley, Kathleen Zorn’s unassuming family-friendly teashop in Multnomah Village for a bit of old-world comfort and a lot of heart.

When to go: Afternoon tea is served seven days a week from 2 to 5 pm.

The scene: While the old building’s low ceilings lend a hobbit-like vibe to the space, there’s plenty of room for human-sized people to spread out and make themselves comfortable. Medley’s eclectic furniture collection offers armchairs, benches, and more formal seating for any kind of gathering, and between the tables you’ll find curio cabinets stocked with Zorn’s international collection of teapots and cups. 

The tea: Guests can select their brew from a four-page tea list, offering over fifty blends from local teamakers Steven Smith, Tao of Tea, Foxfire, J-Tea, and Jasmine Pearl. After they pick their tea, guests can select their own teapots and cups from an epic collection of colorful china.

Nosh highlights: Crumbly house-made English scones with Devonshire cream, perfectly simple cucumber mint and egg salad sandwiches (complete with gluten-free options), Earl Grey brownies, and berry crêpes topped with crème fraiche. In the mood for the full high-tea experience? Order up the loaded Medley Tea Time Sampler, a plate packed with every item on the tea menu. That’s a feast of scones, tea sandwiches, breads, and sweet treats for two, for just $15. Add a pot of black tea and you’re set.

Tea lore: Tea culture holds to some hard-and-fast superstitions, so it doesn’t hurt to read up before you sip. Pro-tip: “To put milk in your tea before sugar is to cross the path of love, perhaps never to marry.” Why risk it?

Medley Tea
7881 SW Capitol Hwy

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