Chocolate Salami at Olympic Provisions

Ever wonder how chocolate salami is made? We invaded the Olympic Provisions pastry kitchen to discover the secret behind this sweet novelty.

By Benjamin Tepler April 23, 2013

Olympic Provisions is known for its universal meat-craft, taking classic charcuterie formulas from across Europe and stuffing them with Oregon meats, fresh spices, and real pork casings. While searching for a charcuterie-appropriate dessert for the restaurant, Pastry Chef Amelia Lane stumbled across an old Italian formula for chocolate salami. “In Tuscany,” she explains, “this is something you might find at your grandmother’s house, not a fine dining restaurant.”

Don’t let the name fool you—this is not a daring fusion of meat and chocolate rolled into one. The white casing on this rustic European treat is powdered sugar, not mold. Instead of meat, the interior is filled with nuts, fruit and dark chocolate, and served alongside olive oil and pepper shortbread cookies with a citrus marmalade.

For each “salami,” Lane emulates a pork-based profile from Olympic Provisions and applies it to her chocolate logs. The Spanish chocolate salami mimics chorizo (smoked and sweet paprika, cayenne pepper) while the French variety impersonates Saucisson D’Alsace (cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove). Click the slideshow above to see the chocolate salami-making process de-mystified. 

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