Diving Into Wafu’s Roasted Crab Hand Roll

We take a close look at the flavorful elements of this best-selling dish from SE Division Street's "inauthentic" ramen house.

By Benjamin Tepler April 30, 2013

Welcome back to Anatomy of a Dish, our weekly dissection of Portland’s most delicious, multi-layered creations. This week we dive deep into Wafu’s Roasted Crab Hand Roll. Newly appointed chef Daniel Mondok (formerly of Paulee) crafts these habit-forming rolls using local sweet crab, super creamy, fish sauce-spiked mayonnaise and briny pops of flying fish roe all packed in a translucent bundle.

1. Oregon Red Rock Crab: Two thick crab legs, stuffed alongside strands of crabmeat, slathered in Mondok’s magical fish-sauce mayonnaise and baked in a super hot oven until a crust forms.

2. “Nuoc Cham” Mayonnaise: Sweet and creamy Japanese-style Kewpie mayonnaise is folded in with a Southeast Asian blend of fish sauce, lime juice, and sambal chile paste.

3. Tobiko: Flying fish roe infused with citrusy yuzu, stained pale orange and popping with oceanic brine.

4. Tamanishiki Rice: A prestigious brand of Japanese short grain rice. Plump, pearly white, and naturally sweet.

5. Soy Paper: A silky gluten-free wrapper sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds, rolled tight.

6. Flowers and Scallions: Green scallion ribbons with farm-fresh rapini and sculpit buds, adding color and subtle floral hints.

3113 SE Division St 
Tue-Thurs and Sunday, 5-10 pm
Friday-Sat, 5-11pm

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