Mark Bitterman to Bring The Meadow to NW 23rd

Salt king Mark Bitterman will unveil the next step in his curating obsessions: craft bitters, craft vermouths, and a still-secret surprise involving chocolates, coming to NW Portland this August.

By Karen Brooks June 11, 2013

Image: Leslyk

Northwest Portland, once the epicenter of Portland’s food scene but moribund for years, is suddenly surging as food shakers take notice of a neighborhood starved for the creative thinking that long ago fled across the river. East-of-the-Willamette favorites such as Salt & Straw and Bamboo Sushi have already branched out in the 'hood, and rumors suggest plenty of empire-building food creatives are ready to join them.

The Meadow’s Mark Bitterman, the most ambitious river-jumper to date, just inked a lease at 805 NW 23rd in the former Tibetanfox Clothing space.

When the guy who changed the salt conversation looks down NW 23rd, he sees more than just another branch of his artisan salt shop, now with outposts in North Portland (3731 N Mississippi) and Manhattan’s West Village. The brainy author sees the next step in boldness, a deep dive into rare tastes, a house of pleasures unlike any place, anywhere.

According to Bitterman, The Meadow NW will feature 100 artisan salts from around the world and debut a new showcase of rare and sublime Japanese salts. That’s just for starters. The shop will also house an extensive collection of craft vermouths to match “the largest selection of craft bitters anywhere,” expanding on The Meadow’s already sizeable bitters lineup.

Image: Leslyk

Beyond this, Bitterman promises to unveil something “new and mind-blowing in the realm of chocolate.” He’s not talking yet, but he already carries one of the best chocolate bar stashes around. Stay tuned. 

Bitterman is more than an obsessive entrepreneur. He’s a terrific wit, scholarly researcher, and recipe innovator who won a 2011 James Beard award for his in-depth manual, Salt: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral.  In his just-out Salt Block Cooking, Bitterman unleashes an inspired recipe romp through the uncharted world of cooking on luminescent, pink-hued Himalayan salt bricks. 

The Meadow NW will indulge more of Bitterman’s culinary side, with eye-popping stacks of salt blocks for home cooks and a back room devoted to intimate classes by artisans, chefs, and entrepreneurs helping to shape new food conversations. 

Bitterman is shooting to open The Meadow NW in August. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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