Eat the July Issue

All the food-centric stories from Portland Monthly's July issue in one handy place

By Allison Jones July 3, 2013

In the July issue of Portland Monthly, hungry readers will find:

← Our guide to Keeping Portland Beer'd, a look at the best local breweries and bottle shops as well as food pairings, beer gear, and the state's 50 most delicious beers. Hope you're thirsty!

◊ Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks' review of the modern art coming out of Justin Woodward's kitchen at Castagna—restrained, delicate, and dressed to kill.

◊ Bunk Sandwiches king Tommy Habetz's recipe for Beer Can Chicken, a lowbrow classic to the throne of deliciousness (complete with a how-to video!).

◊ The story behind the Monkey Hut, a North Portland basement that became a pilgrimage site for the tiki-obsessed.

◊ A snapshot of the modernist stylings of Anthony Cafiero's Racion in the West End.

◊ What 100 local brewers and beer industry pros had to say when we asked them everything from the age of their first drinking experience to whether beer connoisseurs should get drunk.

◊ The city's best Fernet cocktails that take the minty, medicinal amaro to a new level.

◊ How Sokol Blosser's chic new tasting room is set to craft a new Willamette Valley aesthetic for wine country visitors.

◊ The one-woman empire Dayna McErlean built (think Yakuza, Beast, DOC, and now The Colony) with the ability to turn ramshackle spaces into community treasures.

◊ What to order at the new Southeast Portland Cambodian eatery Sok Sab Bai.

The experimental side of Heart Coffee Roasters' higher-acid coffees that manage to stand out in the Portland's saturated bean scene with lush, herbal, nuanced brews anchored by a citrusy brightness.

◊ Our taste test of Portland's "best" British food, from cod and chips to pasties and Welsh Rarebit.

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