Bon App Brunches with Stumptown King

Bon Appetit’s October issue features a peek at Duane Sorenson’s fabulous family brunch, complete with recipes and photos galore.

By Tuck Woodstock September 26, 2013

Photo for Bon Appetit by William Abranowicz

Bon Appetit seems to have a soft spot for local icon Duane Sorenson. Just last month, Ava Gene’s was named one of the best new restaurants in America, and the major food mag’s current issue includes a colorful eight-page spread detailing not a trendy restaurant or bar, but Sorenson’s personal Sunday morning meal

Yes, when Sorenson isn’t ruling over his national Stumptown empire or overseeing three local hot spots—the Woodsman Tavern, Ava Gene’s, and Roman Candle Baking Co.—he’s apparently at home brewing Chemexes full of coffee and setting up envy-inducing brunch stations for friends and family.

These are breakfasts with nary a pancake in sight; instead, guests can expect smoked Oregon salmon, mustard greens, fresh granola, raw oysters, and plenty of whiskey. Keep an eye out for Ava Gene’s Chef Joshua McFadden hanging around the kitchen, and local bartender Lydia Reissmueller whipping up Bloody Mary spinoffs.

For the article, Sorenson shares a whopping eight recipes, including sausage and broccoli rabe frittata, chocolate-cinnamon coffee cake, and greens with bacon, mushrooms, and blue cheese. The Dark Moon cocktail recipe carries a note:

“Sorenson uses locally made House Spirits coffee liqueur  made with Stumptown beans, in this cold-brew cocktail. It’s delicious, but hard to find outside of Oregon.”

Hey, yet another reason to love where we live! With Bon Appetit’s presence at last week’s Feast Portland, we’re no doubt in for more praise in upcoming issues. What will be next? A peek at Duane’s midnight snack rituals? You never know…

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