"I think we could fit about ten food carts in here," laughs Kir Jensen, owner and head whisk handler of Northeast Alberta's new bakery and cafe The Sugar Cube. To an average culinary entrepreneur the former Dovetail Bakery space wouldn't seem so spacious, but to Jensen (who has spent the last 5 years slinging swoon-worthy cupcakes and pastries out of a 100-square-foot trailer), the new shop is positively cavernous. With a full on-site kitchen, seating for 20+, and the ability to display her picture-perfect wares for the first time, Jensen is ready to ride out the cooler seasons in cozy comfort—a luxury denied to all but a few lucky cart owners. Gone are the days of correlating weather reports with sales, and in their place loom bustling mornings behind a stocked counter of hazelnut-studded chocolate chip cookies, sea salt and olive oil brownies, shortbread bars with cranberry black pepper jam, and caramel-slicked chocolate ganache cupcakes (the breakfast of champions, friends).
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