A Guide to Portland's Mac & Cheese Scene

Whether you’re a cheese connoisseur, a kimchi nut, a gluten-free vegan, or a big bacon fan, Portland provides your macaroni soul mate.

By Tuck Woodstock, Nathan Tucker, and Roxanne Davis October 16, 2013

Macaroni and cheese. Admit it—merely reading those words induces cravings for warm, creamy, gooey comfort food.

You won’t find any boxes of Kraft in this guide, but you will find the perfect plate for every taste and dietary predilection. Seeking spice? Try Le Bistro Montage’s Buffalo Mac or Jalapeno and Bacon Cheddar. Craving a Korean kick? Swift Lounge offers a kimchi mac with bacon and shallots. Feeling creative? Build your own cheesy creation at Herb’s Mac and Cheese food cart. Keeping it simple? Davis St. Tavern’s velvety three cheese béchamel sauce is pure comfort.

As expected, Portland’s plant-based community offers a range of dairy-free takes on the traditional dish. Cheese-free mac and cheese may sound inherently inferior, but Vita Café’s vegan mac with fried tempeh has been known to tempt the staunchest carnivore. Harlow, Blossoming Lotus, and Homegrown Smoker even have those mythical gluten-free vegans covered.

But enough talk. Dig into our macaroni and cheese slide show by clicking the photo above! When you're finished, go out and try one—heck, try them all—and let us know your favorites in the comments.

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