A New Pack of Portland-Made Products

Bacon jam! Curry ketchup! Bison jerky! Stock your pantry with this fresh selection of 9 made-in-Oregon goodies.

By Allison Jones November 7, 2013

1. Shurky Jurky 

THE STORY: Mike Shur, a former investment banker, found his passion in artisan beef, pork, turkey and bison jerky made with sustainably-sourced Oregon meats. Made in Portland with no added sugar or artificial preservatives—he uses fresh pineapple in the marinade for a touch of sweetness—this stuff packs a serious dose of portable protein.
Find it: Prices start at $9.99. Find the full line of products online at

2. Tabor Tavern's Bacon Jam

THE STORY: East Burnside neighborhood hub Tabor Tavern's signature burger comes topped with this savory, salty and sweet condiment. Diners demanded the ability to bring the spread home, so chef Chris Greer bottled the blend (boasting plenty of bacon and both white and red balsamic vinegar) and tagged it with serving suggestions: “Try it on crackers with cheese, over eggs, on ice cream, or straight out of the jar.” As if Portlanders need to be told what to do with bacon jam... 
FIND IT: Grab your own 8oz jars at Tabor Tavern (5325 E. Burnside) for $9.95.

3. Oregon Bark

THE STORY: Candy maker (and new Portland resident) Anne Smith owned and directed a prestigious cooking school in Los Angeles for over a decade, where she developed "the perfect English toffee" recipe with salted bittersweet chocolate. She brought the formula with her in the move up north, and now combines her signature sweet with local ingredients like Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt, Stumptown coffee, organic butter, and tart Montmorency cherries.
FIND IT: At Bowery Bagels, Alberta's Cork bottle shop, and online at

4. Oregon Brineworks

THE STORY: This farmer-owned line of probiotic, naturally fermented pickles, beets, beans, ketchup, hot sauce, and beet kvass was the darling of the recent Portland Fermentation Festival, where we sipped several samples of fresh, bright red kvass and went back for more.
FIND IT: At Rosauers grocery in Hood River, but watch out for an online shop and Portland retail locations very soon.

5. Honey Mama's Nectar Fudge

THE STORY: Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and processed sugar-free diets are sweeping the country, perhaps nowhere as thoroughly as right here in Portland—but that doesn't mean health-conscious diners don't need dessert. Christy Goldsby's line of raw, local honey-sweetened cocoa fudge is made with organic coconut oil and sprouted almonds—and is available in flavors spiked with Saigon cinnamon and cayenne, peppermint oil, and Himalayan pink salt.
FIND IT: At local farmers markets and coffeeshops and most New Seasons locations. Find a full list of retailers at

6. Red Duck Ketchup

THE STORY: Inspired by travels to Belgium, Germany, and Hong Kong, this Eugene-based line of creative ketchup flavors offers curry-spiked, spicy, and original sauces for all of your dipping needs. Made without high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, or preservatives, this organic ketchup was founded by University of Oregon MBA students Kurt Barajas, Karen Bonner, Shannon Oliver, and Jessica Zutz Hilbert.
FIND IT: In Portland at Market of Choice, Benessere, and Green Zebra Grocery, throughout Eugene on Southern Oregon, and online at

7. Pinkleton's Caramel Corn

THE STORY: The house favorite in our recent Portland popcorn power ranking, this addictive snack is made with ingredients you can feel good about eating: organic, local butter; Jacobsen Salt Co's hand-harvested Oregon sea salt; and non-GMO corn and corn syrup.
FIND IT: At Foster & Dobb's, The Meadow, Bowery Bagels and online at

8. Enlightened CremE

THE STORY: Teresa Estrada's line of Enlighten Your Palate dessert creams and mousses offer a dairy-free, low-glycemic substitute for traditional sweetened condensed milk. Made with coconut milk, coconut oil, brown rice syrup, and flavors like vanilla, cocoa, and pumpkin, the cream can be mixed into smoothies, made into fudge, used it as frosting, spooned over fresh fruit, or frozen for a gelato-like treat.
FIND IT: At most New Seasons locations and the PSU and Montavilla Farmers Markets, starting at $10. Find all retail locations and recipe suggestions at

9. Genki-Su Drinking Vinegar

THE STORY: Takako Shinjo wants you to be healthy, happy, and energized. Inspired by the homemade beverages her mother concocted during Shinjo's childhood in Okinawa, Japan, this line of concentrated, low-sugar drinking vinegars are ready to be mixed into cocktails, sparkling water, or tea. Made with coconut vinegar, honey, and stevia, the line currently includes shiso, yuzu tangerine, Asian pear, and Hawaiian ginger honey—plus cranberry, a just-released seasonal addition.
FIND IT: At Uwajimaya, Food Front Northwest, City Market, People's and Albeta Coops, Boke Bowl, and soon at Green Zebra Grocery. Find a full list of retailers (or purchase online, starting at $16.99) at

Now it's your turn! What are you savoring and snacking on these days? Let us know in the comments below. Want more Portland-made products? Check out our recent roundups of the city's best gourmet popcorn, hot sauces, kale chips, seasonal beersmacaroni & cheese, and kombucha.

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