Chef’s Week PDX Unveils Collaborative Dinners

Local chefs will collaborate with national counterparts to concoct creative multi-course dinners around the city.

By Tuck Woodstock January 14, 2014

The inaugural Chef’s Week PDX begins February 6, but we’re already salivating over the recently released list of featured chefs and kitchens.

The exciting four-day dinner series will feature many of Portland’s all-star chefs, including Ava Gene’s Joshua McFadden, Departure’s Gregory Gourdet, Paley’s Place’s Patrick McKee, Justin Woodward of Castagna, and Greg and Gabrielle Denton of Ox. These top chefs will be paired with celebrated culinary talent from up and down the West Coast, from Los Angeles’s Craig Thornton to Vancouver BC’s Angus An.

The chefs will collaborate on four spectacular multi-course meals, each following a different theme and held at a different top-tier Portland restaurant. Each participant will use local produce and meats to create one course, and the resulting dinner is sure to knock any foodie’s socks off.

Not impressed? The final dinner on February 9 will be an astonishing 21-course dinner featuring every participating chef. Read on for a full list of participants and restaurants, as well as theme and ticket information for each dinner.

Hearth and Turf at Ava Gene’s
February 6, 2014 at 5 pm

The Hearth and Turf dinner at Ava Gene’s will feature food that evokes warmth, comfort, and fire cooking. This 7-course, soul-nourishing dinner will be prepared by seven chefs. Hearth inspired, the dinner will be served family style. The menu will cost $75 per person with a $35 beverage pairing. 

  • Joshua McFadden, Ava Gene’s, Portland, OR
  • Jason French, Ned Ludd, Portland, OR
  • Gregory Gourdet, Departure, Portland, OR
  • Matt Christianson & Chris Starkus, Urban Farmer, Portland, OR
  • Matt Dillon, Sitka & Spruce, Seattle, WA
  • Angus An, Maenam, Vancouver, BC

Present CULTURE at Paley’s Place
February 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm

The Present Culture dinner at Paley’s Place will offer six courses of global cuisine chefs bridging their world food with the products in our backyard. With limited seats available, the menu will cost $85 per person with a $35 beverage pairing.

  • Patrick McKee (French), Paley’s Place, Portland, OR
  • Joël Watanabe (Chinese), Bao Bei, Vancouver, BC
  • Rachel Yang (Korean), Joule, Seattle, WA
  • Jeff McCarthy (North African), TenTop, Portland, OR
  • Jose Chesa (Spanish), Ataula, Portland, OR

West Coast Modern at Castagna
February 8, 2014 at 6:30 pm

West Coast Modern at Castagna will focus on modern, clean, technique-layered and forward cuisine of the West. The dinner includes 7-courses plus snacks. The menu will cost $115 per person with a $65 beverage pairing.

Justin Woodward, Castagna, Portland, OR
Justin Wills, Restaurant Beck, Depoe Bay, OR
Anthony Cafiero, Ración, Portland, OR
Craig Thornton, Wolvesmouth, Los Angeles, CA
Brian McCracken & Dana Tough, Spur Gastropub, Tavern Law and The Coterie Room, Seattle, WA
Gregory Gourdet, Departure, Portland, OR
Melissa Chou, Aziza, San Francisco, CA

West Coast 2014 at Departure
February 9, 2014 at 6pm

West Coast 2014, Chef’s Week PDX’s final dinner at Departure, will showcase some of the best West Coast chefs and their signature styles and cuisines. All participating Chef’s Week PDX chefs—including the additions of Erik Van Kley of Little Bird Bistro, Greg and Gabrielle Denton of Ox, Jorel Pierce of Denver’s Euclid Hall, and Carrie Merrill of Urban Farmer—will cook their own course for the meal.

Reservations for the outstanding 21-course dinner will be $175 per person with a $40 beverage pairing. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Oregon Conservation Society.

Hungry yet? Tickets and more information available at the Chef’s Week PDX website.

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