Kachka’s Brand New Soviet Bites

We take a first look at soon-to-open Kachka’s drink-friendly offerings, with smoked fish, stuffed dumplings, and a few sweet surprises.

By Benjamin Tepler Photography by Allison Jones April 9, 2014

Portland’s first foray into accessible Russian small plates arrives on Monday, April 14th, when Israel and Bonnie Morales open the doors to Kachka with an arsenal of zakuski (drink-friendly snacks), dumplings and blinis of various shapes and sizes, and a few Soviet one-pot meals (think short rib borscht and sweet and sour cabbage rolls). Eat Beat takes a first look at Kachka’s small plates menu, and a quick peek inside their new space on 720 SE Grand Avenue. Click the slideshow above for our favorite dishes from the early menu.

Kachka’s long, narrow space is dominated by exposed wooden planks, ornate turquoise window frames called nalichniki, and vintage Russian posters. Up front, tiny tables a foot and a half across quickly disappear under piles of plates, while a big, stainless steel bar starts the vodka conversation. Larger tables stretch down the long corridor, leading to a backroom meant for special events with caviar and vodka service.

Kachka will be open from 4pm to midnight every day, although Israel Morales tells us that a counter service lunch is on its way with Russian-style deli sandwiches, and grab n’ go kits of stuffed, baked piroshky and consommé (a clear, flavorful soup).

Stay tuned to Eat Beat for updates.

720 SE Grand Ave
Daily, 4pm to midnight 

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