Clyde Common’s Revamped Menu

New chef Carlo Lamagna struts his stuff at Portland’s iconic hotel eatery.

By Benjamin Tepler June 24, 2014

Beets, slowly boiled and marinated in orange juice, served with creamy, aged goat cheese, tangy green strawberry agre dolce, and a crumble of honey-baked granola.

Last month, after only six months at the helm, Momofuku alum Johnny Leach departed the kitchen at Clyde Common. In his wake, sous chef Carlo Lamagna rose to the challenge, bringing with him a mastery of farm-to-table pickling learned at Chicago’s lauded Perennial Virant, an appreciation for charcuterie (instilled during an apprenticeship at the meat and cheese-curing Hotel Spielweg in Germany), and a love for his native Filipino cuisine.

“Clyde is a beast…an animal,” explains Lamagna. “People have tried to wrestle with it in the past, but that’s the wrong approach.” Instead, Lamagna hopes to engage Clyde’s adventurous clientele with a new menu of daring “shared entrees,” from a whole baked branzino, stuffed with scallop mousse, to an entire pork trotter, deep-fried and served with buttery spaetzle. “I want to encourage people to eat together and try as many different flavors as possible.” We stopped in for a look at the new Clyde Common and its myriad of sharable new plates.

Clyde Common
1014 SW Stark St.

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