Our 4 New Farmers Market Obsessions

Inspirations from the mother ship of local eating: the Portland Farmers Market at PSU.

By Karen Brooks June 2, 2014 Published in the June 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

Greenleaf’s Wondrous Punch

This Portland juice outfit’s brochure comes on like PETA of the plant kingdom, with assurances that nothing was killed or, egads, “burnt with a UV ray” in the making of its organic fruit and vegetable elixirs. But any parody-inducing doubts vanish two sips into the “Wondrous Punch,” which pulls the essence of an Orange Julius, strawberry fields, the beet generation, almond milk, and a kale salad under one psychedelic pink roof. Greenleaf Juicing Co

Biscuits with Jams or Wild-Mushroom Gravy

A great biscuit is a monument of flake and fluff, each bite holding euphoric amounts of butter, pinched in by hand, and served blessedly warm. Cooking vet and locavore extremist Kathryn Yeomans goes the distance, adding a trio of condiments: a cool jiggle of elderberry flower jelly, plum butter, and chunky peach jam. It may be the best $5 you’ll spend at the market. Optional upgrade: intense wild-mushroom gravy, courtesy of fungi forager Roger Konka. The Farmer’s Feast at Springwater Farm 

Candied Habanero Peppers

David Barber rules Picklopolis, “The Kingdom of Brine,” glimpsed through giant glass vats of krauts and pickles lining his longtime market booth. Each mysterious formula (orange-fennel beets, anyone?) aims to delight and enlighten. Now Barber has zeroed in on candied, heat-seeking peppers, suspending habaneros in a sugar syrup that tastes like melted lollipops in Dante’s Inferno. For most folks, drizzling the syrup over one of Barber’s farm-fresh Bingo sandwiches fulfills your minimum daily heat requirement. The bold and the crazed eat the peppers straight. You know who you are. Bingo Sandwich/Picklopolis

Spielman Bagel Chips

Say you gambled your bagel reputation on sourdough tang, hippie-riffic seeds, and fresh ground spices, as local Spielman Bagels did, and it went better than expected. What’s next? Branch out with crisp, herby, buttery chips—and sprinkle big, briny flakes of Jacobsen salt on top. The salty juggernaut has unveiled its own monthly farmers market shrine to all things Jacobsenian: hats, soap, flavored salts, and, forget not, that terribly terrific chip collaboration. Jacobsen Salt Co (stand open the last Saturday of each month only)

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