Until recently, east-side enclave Levant has lived as an upscale dinner destination for Portlanders seeking Middle Eastern cuisine with a modern twist. This summer, however, the restaurant aims its sights on casual meals care of a Portland-perfect happy hour served both at the bar and on the relaxed outdoor patio. In keeping with the restaurant’s flavor profile, the happy hour menu boasts a smaller (and more budget-friendly) take on Middle Eastern classics. Some of the items, such as the fried almonds ($4), have been on the menu since the restaurant’s launch last year. Others—like the savory lamb sandwich with tahini, harissa, and sumac red onions ($8) are new additions to the restaurant's menu. Chef Scott Snyder is also offering a killer hummus with housemade pita chips ($4) and fried rainbow cauliflower ($5). In true Portland form, the happy hour menu also offers $6 glasses of wine, $1 off tap beer, and $2 off creative cocktails. And these aren’t just any ordinary cocktails—they come complete with shaved ice, spherical ice, eccentric bitters, and colorful accents. Click through the slide show to see more of the menu!
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