For more than two years, Smallwares chef/owner Johanna Ware has been making what she calls “inauthentic” Asian cuisine at her chic Beaumont restaurant. Diners, who have been enthusiastic about Ware’s creative vision, often refer to her dinner menu as genius—a true testament to her steadfast commitment to producing colorful menu items for their dinner and late-night service options. This summer, Ware introduces a new happy hour menu, offered seven days a week from 5 to 7 pm. The menu, which continues to break the bounds of traditional Asian cuisine, is comprised of all-new items, equally as colorful and, shall we say, unconventional as her regular dinner menu. She anticipates the menu items will change with the season and with her creative vision. The food items range from fermented bean pork meatballs to a cilantro pretzel hot dog to an oxtail curry bao—and all are available for $6 or less. The drink menu is diverse and just a tad on the sassy side, including a session beer topped with a spicy frozen margarita ("Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls) and a Bloody Mary with tequila, kimchi juice, fish sauce, and cilantro (the Bloody Mariah).
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