5 Fab New Finds from PDX VegFest

From salted caramel to smoky cheese sauce and sipping broth to pumpkin bread, these vegan treats will delight foodies of all dietary persuasions.

By Tuck Woodstock September 30, 2014

Liefie’s Caramel 

THE STORY: As a butter-and-cream concoction, caramel may be the most inherently non-vegan treat in the dessert spectrum. Despite this, determined dairy-free Portlander Michelle Williamson cleverly created a coconut milk caramel sauce that tastes just as rich and buttery as the cow-based caramels of our youth. Oh, did we say a sauce? We meant three: vanilla, salted, and smok’n hot, each more delicious and indulgent than the last.
FIND IT: Food Fight! Grocery

KrustaVita'S Pumpkin Molasses

THE STORY: Craving the wholesome, hearty rye bread of her Danish childhood, Elisabeth Tuck sought to create a loaf that was nutrient-dense, naturally filling, and undeniably delicious. She struck gold in 2010 with KrustaVita, an artisan sourdough rye baked in nearby Hillsboro. Now, Tuck has outdone herself with a second variety: a rich, dark pumpkin molasses rye that packs phenomenal fall flavor with a nutritious punch. KrustaVita breads last a month when refrigerated, but we’re betting you polish off the whole loaf in two days, tops. 
FIND IT: The new pumpkin loaf launches next week (Oct 6) at Food Front Coop and People's Coop   

Heidi Ho Veganics’ Smoky Chia Cheeze Sauce

THE STORY: Portland’s own Heidi Ho Veganics continually blows our minds with its nut-and-veggie-based cheeses, from blocks of smoked gouda to lava rock chevre, so we were stoked to spot a new product at the company’s VegFest booth. Heidi’s new nacho-ready smoky chia cheeze sauce is made with cashews, turnips, and potatoes, yet tastes indulgently creamy when poured liberally over, well, pretty much anything.
FIND IT: The new smoky sauce specifically is currently exclusively available at Food Fight! Grocery

Wilderness Poets' RAW WILD Mix 

THE STORY: Mika & John launched their business in Portland’s industrial district with the help of New Seasons Market, but when they had the chance to relocate to the true wilderness of rural Washington, the husband and wife duo jumped at the chance. Wilderness Poets offers a creative collection of nut butters—cashew cacao hempspread and raw pistachio prove especially popular—as well as an array of nuts, seeds, and superfoods. We’re especially excited about two new sprouted superfood mixes: “Song of Power, which blends almonds, cacao nibs, raisins, and coconut, and “Song of Harvest,” which features local hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and sunflower seeds. 
FIND IT: People's Coop and online


THE STORY: True, these teas are made way up in Washington, but as co-creator Llance Kezner observed, “Not every city has its own sipping broth company!” This revolutionary product presents savory vegan soups—think Indian Spice, Spicy Tortilla, and Snappy Butternut—in individual tea bags. (Our favorite flavor, Smoky Facon, would fool any bacon-lover.) The result: a low-calorie snack that will warm your belly and satisfy your taste buds, without the hassle of a can opener or the nightmare of cleaning up soup explosions in the microwave. 
FIND IT: Online at milliessavoryteas.com

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