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Five Local Kombucha Kings

Make your gut hapy with these five fermented phenoms we're loving this month!

By Allison Jones September 2, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

Brew Dr. Kombucha “White Rose” 

Many floral-flavored beverages can smell a bit too much like your great-aunt’s potpourri bowl, but Brew Dr.’s blend of white peony, rose petals, and organic wild rose provides delicate spring taste without an overdose of perfume.

Kookoolan Kombucha Original

Branded ever-so-smartly as “hard tea,” this line of kombucha from a local meadery takes advantage of the business’s winery license to produce a less-vinegary, lower-sugar beverage that’s especially food-friendly.

Kombucha Wonder Drink “Asian Pear and Ginger”

This sparkling take on hard tea offers a sweet and refreshing blend of organic oolong, soothing ginger, and bright pear flavors with natural microbial properties.

Eva’s Herbucha “Detox”

Offering a full apothecary worth of healing ingredients—from dandelion root and stinging nettle to elder flower and ginger—this raw, organic blend aids digestion (and is rumored to slay hangovers).

Humm Kombucha “Apple Sass”

This family of Bend-based ’booch brewers has more than two decades of fermentation chops, and the experience shows in every bottle of raw, mulled-cider-flavored kombucha with a kick of cayenne and cinnamon.

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