Rotisserie Renaissance at Pollo Norte

With free-range birds, delectable sides, and family-style service, a new chicken hot spot on NE 42nd and Killingsworth is heating up.

By Allison Jones January 6, 2015

We've all been there—grabbing a plastic-shelled rotisserie chicken from the supermarket deli when the idea of making dinner at the end of a long day is simply inconceivable. Despite the fact that those juicy birds are ultra convenient and always perfectly cooked, a certain amount of confusion exists. Where did that bird come from? What kind of oil was it cooked in? And how long has it been sitting there under a lamp?

Pollo Norte, a new Mexico City-style chicken outpost on NE 42nd and Killingsworth, wants to answer those questions and fill you up to boot. With a micro menu (just chicken and a handful of sides) and an even smaller dining area (a few barstools and counter spaces), Pollo Norte is accomplishing something mighty—delectable, affordable, and sustainably-raised rotisserie chicken, roasted fresh. New Year's resolution bonus? Everything but the beer is gluten-free.

Diners can choose between quarter ($7), half ($12), or whole ($18) chickens—perfectly seasoned with achiote, sea salt, lime and chili—served with housemade corn tortillas, roasted cabbage, onions, and fresh smokey rojo and bright verde salsas, with the option of adding on a variety of sides (pinto beans with bacon and pork shoulder, black beans with pickled onions, rice with tomato and garlic, potatoes roasted in chicken drippings, or a punchy lime veggie slaw). Three people could easily get their fill for lunch or dinner from a whole chicken with two large sides (for only $24). A diverse selection of $2 sodas, $4-5 beers, and $5 glasses of wine round out the open kitchen's offerings. 

A great option for take-out meals in a hurry, gluten-free or paleo-leaning diners, Pollo Norte is bound to become a go-to for folks in Northeast and beyond—and the leftovers are fantastic. We checked.

Pollo Norte
5427 NE 42nd Ave 
Tuesday-Sunday, 11 am-10 pm

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