Inside Woodstock's Fishermen-Owned Portland Fish Market

This wild-only fish market offers house smoked sriracha tuna, fresh-from-the-water fish, and all the ingredients necessary for a surf-centered meal.

By Allison Jones February 25, 2015

Almost six months ago, two fishing families opened the doors of the one-of-a-kind Portland Fish Market, bringing wild-only fish and shellfish, artisan ingredients, grass-fed meat, and farm fresh dairy to the heart of the Woodstock neighborhood. 

After a decade of fishing together, Ben and Agnes Berkowitz teamed up with Mike and Brandi Shirley to supply the charming southeast Portland 'hood with sustainably-caught local fish and from-the-source knowledge about how to make it delicious at home.

The couples bring in fresh-off-the-boat fish they caught themselves or that's been sourced from a network of close fisherfriends around the Pacific Northwest. 

The small shop looks like it belongs on one of the Oregon coast's seaside strips, with signs for fresh crab, a large ice table filled with gorgeous whole coho and chinook salmon, oysters and razor clams ready for shucking, house smoked tuna, scallops, and salmon (brisket is in the works), high-quality canned fish, and honest-to-goodness fisherman offering their homestyle recipes for the catch of the day.

Ben Berkowitz in Newport

In addition to the finned favorites, the small, sunny shop also supplies local products like Willamette Valley raw honeys, non-pasteurized milk from Flying Cow (a small dairy in Oregon City), grass-fed meat and pastured eggs, PDX-made ghee, Gonzo hummus, and a wide array of hot sauces, seafood-friendly condiments, fried fish batter mix, paella rice, salumi, and artisan cheeses.

'"Because we're a wild-only market, our customers frequently look to us for what's coming around the corner," Agnes shares. "Whether it's spring salmon or Albacore tuna come July or winter Dungeness crab, our focus is providing our customers with the freshest flavors of the season."


Portland Fish Market
Tuesday to Sunday 9 am–6 pm
4404 SE Woodstock Blvd.

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